Just read the book Izzy and Lenore, by Jon Katz.  It’s the author’s account of adopting a border collie named Izzy and the journey of the two of them through Katz’s depression and working as hospice volunteers (both Katz and Izzy – she had her own ID badge!).  It is an amazing book, and a testament to the power of hospice and the power of animal love.  Lenore, the other dog in the title, makes her way into the book as a black Lab puppy Katz adopts into his menagerie of animals on his farm in upstate NY (including a steer named Elvis).

This is an amazing and inspiring story, and confirms my belief in the deeper “6th sense” that I believe animals have and the chesed they are capable of.  Just my two cents, but I’d love to hear if anyone has read this and your thoughts (or if you go ahead and read it).