My baby is 5.  FIVE.  Didn’t I just give birth to her?  How is she FIVE?????

We celebrated Purim today, and then had her “request dinner,” mac and cheese and an ice cream cake from a local shop that she loves.  We have not gone down the Barbie slippery slope (yep, she’s 5 and we’ve gotten away with it so far), especially since THIS ATROCITY exists, but we did break down when we saw Gabriella who Disney saw fit to send to Stanford in HSM 3 (other characters went to Julliard, Berkley, UofA – nice role modling for Disney, actually).  We let her watch these because they are pretty tame, and rather chaste for the current time.  My parents let me see Grease in the theatre.  I was 7.  Good God!  What were they thinking?  HSM is just fine with me!

She will be having a Hello Kitty themed birthday party on Thursday for her cousins.  She loves Hello Kitty (big surprise.  I love Hello Kitty now – I just bought a MAC Hello Kitty lipstick called “Cute-ster” and a powder called “Pretty Baby.”  Sad, I know.)

We have also decided that a good compromise for us is the Disney Princess line – not to busty, ball gowns not hooker outfits, and it is pure little girl fantasy, if your little girl is into that.  And ours is. So. Into it.  The more princesses, pink and fluff the better.  And add some sparkly nail polish to that and she is blissfully happy.  So Belle it was, along with some 99 cent glittery nail polish in 3 different sparkle colors in a pink fluffy toiletry bag I found.  As my very own Princess Therapist tells me, I need to embrace my inner princess and put aside my own feelings of wanting to vomit every time I see one.  I have been successful thus far. If we ever get the point were we are even considering Barbie I might have to renege on that.

Her brothers bought her Pokemon cards and a Pikachu action figure.  She loved them!

The neighborhood kids all play Pokemon together on Shabbes and now she can join them.

All in all a very happy birthday for the EK family Her Highness the Hello Kitty Princess who wants to go to Stanford.